M WALL Foldable All-in-one LED Display Solution

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Integrated foot-mounting structure design

Free movement, no need for repeat assembly after first installation

One-button-start-up, remote control

100% User-level display product

A must-use display terminal for efficient conference





Solution Features


HD image, high contrast ratio & color saturation

110” golden aspect ratio, various pixel pitch options

Lightweight and ultra-slim design,

Adjustable screen brightness, 160°ultra-large viewing angle





Foldable Screen & Electric Lift


Flexible movement for the whole unit with folded screen

Worry free of disassembly and installation

Effortless in and out conference room door and elevator

Efficient transportation and operation





Two-units splicing application, double visual enjoyment


Two sets of M WALL can realize cascade splicing application

with seamless and larger displaying area

Suitable for viewing demands in large-size conference room





Wireless Screen Mirroring


Support wireless screen mirroring function for PC, mobile phone,

tablets 4-window sync display, free interaction in no time

Various ports including USB, HDMI are available





Various Application Scenarios


company conference rooms / training rooms / multi-media rooms

/ show rooms / banks / airports / schools …



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