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QSTECH Creative LED Mesh Display Solution

Time of issue:2020-12-30 15:07:15


Designed for outdoor large-sized advertising

display mounted on building facade or rooftop

Eye-catching effect with better advertising effectiveness,

creating landmark building for the city




Solution Features

Provide customized service according to installation environments

Light-weight product featured with high

transparency and good ventilation

EMC class B passed


Auto brightness adjustment based on outdoor light, high brightness, perfect display effect regardless of direct sunlight

high IP rating, stable performace in all-weather conditions 

low power comsumption, energy saving operation, longer lifespan

large horizontal / vertical viewing angle, maximize auidence range

remote cenrilized control with display status monitoring, another insurance for display operation



Lightweight · 70% high transparency

No affect on indoor lighting

Low wind resistance

Long-strip design to avoid dust and snow accumulation

Less requirments for load bearing 

Fast installation and simple maintenance



Various Applications

Application scenarios include building facade, rooftop and stage

Image and video displaying shall create decorative effects more than advertising



Related Cases

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ATHENA MESH High-transparency LED Mesh Display can be used as Outdoor large and medium-sized billboards, digital signs on building facades and bridges.


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